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Reducing image size for websites

Make your pages load faster and save money on bandwidth with this handy piece of image optimisation software.

EasyImage Lite is an easy to use program that optimizes photos and images to make them more suitable for use on the web. It provides a simple user interface that allows you to resize your pictures, making them faster to upload and download.

Optimized pictures on your pages = faster page loads and lower bandwidth usage = more money in your pocket!

Click here to purchase Easy Image Lite!

This first snapshot shows the main window for EasyImage Lite. Colorful icons represent the main functions (Open, Preview, Save, Order Prints, Tell a Friend, Register and Help). Two simple sets of choices allow the user to control the size and quality of the final image.

After selecting the options desired, the preview button will show you exactly how the photo will look when it is saved.

Click here to purchase Easy Image Lite!

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